Fundraising Toolkit

...from your Dunk President, Dunk Bear!

All money raised from the Dunk directly benefits the athletes of Special Olympics Maryland Garrett County. As a Dunker, you can utilize all of the fundraising resources in our library. The fundraising resources listed below have been created specifically for you and your Dunk pals!

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Special Olympics Maryland Facts

A great way to solicit donations is to include information about where your donors’ money is going! Every dollar raised from the Deep Creek Dunk directly supports the athletes of...

Pledge Form

Is technology not your thing? Keep track of your fundraising all offline using this Pledge Form, then mail it in with your cash and check donations to Special Olympics Maryland...

Classy for Facebook

** ATTENTION 2024 DUNKERS ** If you used the Classy for Facebook integration for the 2020 Dunk, you will most likely have to renew the Special Olympics Maryland app within...

Donation Grid

Do you have a great Facebook or Instagram following? If so, utilize our Donation Grid on your Instagram story to raise $75 for your Dunk! Step 1: Add your Dunk fundraising...

Social Graphics

Use these sample social graphics and graphic templates in your fundraising campaign! Save the “Ready-to-Post Social Graphics” to your phone or computer (right-click > Save As) for a quick and...

Where does Your Money Go?

Let your Dunk donors know where their Dunk donations are going! All money raised through the Deep Creek Dunk directly supports the 15,588 athletes and Unified® teammates across the state...

Team Captain Resources

Dunk Bear heard our Dunkers wanted some team captain-specific resources, so here you are. Some resources to help you encourage others to join your team, and help light a fire...